Getty/Mark SaglioccoA Hamptons party in washed denim? In today’s casual world, nothing is out of bounds.

It’s common knowledge among everyone who pays attention to such things that Americans frequently dress super casually — and have for quite a while now.

Whether it’s Silicon Valley CEOs or college students on their way to class, American loves their jeans and T-shirts.

But why?

“We dress more casually because we can,” according to cultural historian Deirdre Clemente from the University of Nevada at Las Vegas, who was interviewed by The Washington Post.

Americans gravitate toward casual without even realizing it. Casual clothing doesn’t obviously signal wealth or social status, but it instead proves that Americans can freely express their individuality.

It wasn’t always this way. For much of the 20th century, Americans didn’t dress casually all the time. There were dress codes and customs. Men…………… continues on Business Insider