Dude shops like a lady

Dude shops like a lady
News from Boston Herald:

Style-conscious Boston men who want to look standout sharp are shopping across the aisle — in the women’s department.

“Last year was a breakthrough,” said Seth Selman, 32, who has scored great pieces from H&M, Marshalls and SoWa Open Market in Boston, all from the women’s racks.

Among his finds: a navy Tory Burch blazer, Helmut Lang turtleneck, Calvin Klein cloak, Missoni pants and an Ungaro suit.

Clothing boutiques and apparel companies don’t keep numbers on customers like Selman, but several, particularly those that carry denim, have seen men shop for women’s clothes with varying degrees of discretion. A spokeswoman for British retailer AllSaints (which has a store on Newbury Street) said, “We have found that some of these (male) customers prefer the fit of our women’s denim,” she said, adding that musicians favor the pipe-skinny narrow pants style.

Alison Barnard, owner of Injeanius in the North End, said guys with smaller frames sometimes like the fit of a women’s jean. “They just fit their body better,” she said, adding, “and they were totally straight.”

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Melbourne’s Pet Shop Girls Imports Japanese Fashion
News from The FADER:

A little store in Melbourne exclusively carries the coolest Tokyo designers.

Despite being a hub of avant-garde fashion and a Petri dish of super-wild street style, it’s still famously difficult to purchase clothing from Tokyo designers anywhere but in Tokyo. Chiara Ippoliti knows this all too well: a family trip as a kid to Japan from her native Australia left her with such a hankering for clothes she saw there that she started visiting frequently, buying everything she could afford and smuggling it all back in her suitcase. At 22, with a degree in international relations to suit her cross-continental obsession, she’s opened a boutique called Pet Shop Girls in Melbourne dedicated to Japanese designers, allowing her to fully indulge her fashion fetish. At the store, she plays J-Pop online radio and spends hours doing heavy research through Japanese style blogs and magazines to find the hottest new stuff. Here, she gives us a primer in the Japanese fashions you need to know right now.

Playing Hard to Get

Trends in Australia are re…………… continues on The FADER

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